Putt Maister

The app for Disc Golf putting practice stats

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What Putt Maister?

The app for Disc Golf putting practice stats. Keep track of your putting practices. See the stats, is your putting trends going up or down? Putt Maister app is available for iOS and Android.

How it works?

Putt Maister is on early stage of development but it already includes some nice features:


Putt Maister

Three practice modes

Putt Maister practise mode

Monthly stats

Putt Maister stats

Practise summary

Putt Maister stats summary

Single practice stats

Putt Maister single practise stats

What features should be included next?

Putt Maister is one person project at the moment so it's important that the (little) time used to develop the app is focused to right things. So what the next Putt Maister features should be? Drop a message to hello@puttmaister.com.